Introduction to Creative Writing

Duration: 4 week course (2.5 hours per session)

The Intro to Creative Writing is delivered by published author and teacher Helen Aitchison. The course will give learners the opportunity to explore and develop writing skills. A perfect taster for new writers interested in the craft or existing writers wishes to advance their work.

Over the duration of the course, learners will gain an insight into the writing world.

Content includes:

  • Types of writing and writing exercises
  • Myth busting and writing opportunities for all
  • Writing structure and process
  • Writing tips
  • Making time to write
  • Character development and voice
  • Language and style
  • Importance of own story and voice in writing
  • The art of novel writing – including memoirs
  • Writing for wellbeing and expression
  • Author’s own personal writing journey Q&A
  • Peer support
  • Writing for competitions and submissions
  • Publishing routes