Environment Policy

Write on the Tyne is prepared to demonstrate its commitment to achieving high standards of environmental practice and consideration by the implementation of the best practices and principles to achieve high environmental standards.

We believe there is collective responsibility in which the government, businesses, individuals and communities have a role to play.

It is the policy of Write on the Tyne to conduct its business in a manner which protects the environment by:

  • Operating the business in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • Minimising the adverse environmental aspects and preventing pollution throughout all areas of our business.
  • Seek to ensure that all requirements of environmental legislation are based on sound scientific principles and cost-effective technology.
  • Write on the Tyne intend to conserve resources by:
  • Recycling materials, packaging, and waste where economically possible
  • Disposing of non-recyclable waste and materials in an appropriate manner
  • Reduce, where possible energy and utility use.
  • Write on the Tyne will consider the environmental implication of all goods and services we intend to purchase and where possible select those that are least damaging to the environment.
  • Route planning enforced to ensure lowest carbon footprint as practically possible when travelling by vehicle.
  • Remote video calls encourage to reduce travelling to venues.
  • To monitor and review technology to ensure appropriate technology is utilised to complete tasks.
  • To promote our customers understanding of environmental issues.

Write on the Tyne will do everything in its power to ensure that our activities comply with the standard and procedures identified. The procedures will be continually reviewed to ensure that they remain relevant.

Write on the Tyne will aim for continuous environmental improvement. This Policy is to be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure its currency.